Top Shelf Swag £1.60 a Bottle

Less than half price for branded beers (this includes craft and foreign beers)

Cheap Doubles - £3.50 with Mixer On Tap

Double Red square vodka or double South banks gin + pepsi, diet pepsi, lemonade, tonic or soda

Student Mondays!

20% of food and drink with an NUS card.

Only valid on Mondays on presentation of an NUS card. Can only be used for the owner of the NUS card

Free Food Tuesdays

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Every Tuesday between 7-9pm.

Spend £5 on drinks and in return we will grant you a free delicious meal on the house. You can’t argue with that!

Veggie option always available

Burger Night Thursdays

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Only £5.99 for a delicious burger and a pint…every Thursday

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