Wandering Oak: Korto (FR)

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Wandering Oak: Korto (FR)

Wandering Oak brings you:

• KORTO • (France. Six Tonnes De Chair Records)
• The Lightwaves Museum • William Denton Wilde

Korto is a diesel motor launched without mercy on the highway of supersonic kraut rock married to space punk and drugged by synthetic pop. Backed by a burning bass/drum, between psychedelic steamroller and afrobeats, an acidic or graceful guitar, and some nonchalant vocals, the trio is outside of any weary labels : Korto is not heir of an era or from a movement, but rather of an image that we’ve given carte blanche. Korto is a 3-wheeled race car that combines the past to future, advocates free public transportation and doesn’t order dessert at a restaurant. The band would invite Turing Machine, The Ex, The Young Gods, Goat or even Fela Kuti for a meal in a road house and leave without paying for it.
FFO ORB / SLIFT / Vuelveteloca

The Lightwaves Museum are close friends, sweet dudes and an irrepressible musical force – a threefold group mind soaring through the outer orbits of psychedelia, dub sonics and hypnotic, infectious groove, shrouded not so much in secrecy as the deep fug of musical telepathy.

William Denton Wilde is the nom-de-guerre of a lone gunman dedicated to delivering raw, dirty, stripped-back rock & roll with not an ounce of fat on it. In killer heels.
FFO WIggy Pop / Depeche Mode / The Jesus And Mary Chain

26th January 2020

The Heavenly Thrillbillies

4:00 pm
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