The Ouseburn Valley

The Tyne Bar is situated at the confluence of The Ouseburn and the mighty Tyne. The Ouseburn’s source can be traced to Callerton Pond, near Ponteland. From there it wends its way down through Gosforth, passing through golf courses, farm fields and swish modern residential developments, gaining size all the time. By the time it reaches the beautiful Jesmond Dene the stream has become a minor river, which has been enjoyed by generations of Novocastrians – and their dogs!

After exiting Jesmond Dene, the Ouseburn goes underground briefly before emerging from a culvert just beneath the Ouseburn Viaduct. It is from this point that the Ouseburn Valley properly commences, a valley of just under one kilometre in length.

How to Find The   Tyne Bar, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle upon TyneStill can’t find us, check out our Google Map. Click the map image to navigate the Ouseburn area further to find The Tyne bar

The Tyne Bar
Maling Street
Newcastle upon Tyne
(0191) 265 2550

The Ouseburn Valley is an area of enormous historical significance which had been steadily falling into decline until quite recently. This is the place where the industrial revolution itself commenced in Newcastle (The Tyne Bar itself is situated on Maling Street, a reference to the world famous pottery which once produced its wares here). And yet, eleven years ago when the Tyne Bar opened here, the valley was a run down neglected eye sore.

Ten years ago, however the Ouseburn Trust (www.ouseburntrust.org & www.ouseburnvalley.org) was formed and has been instrumental in bringing about the regeneration of the Valley. Its goal of a vibrant urban village is well on its way to being achieved, with developments such as; the Stepney Banks Stables, Seven Stories (Centre for the Children’s Book), a revived Byker Farm, private housing developments and a resurgance of inward commercial investment.

The Tyne Bar is proud to be an integral part of the rebirth of the Ouseburn Valley. All around us exciting stuff is happening, ranging from the residential development of the old Ice Factory to the imminent construction of a Navigation Lock on the Ouseburn right outside our door!

This latter is intended to maintain the Ouseburn’s depth of water regardless of the tide and should be built and fully operational by the summer of 2006. Whatever its functionality it will provide a wonderfully picturesque addition to the surroundings of The Tyne Bar. Imagine sitting enjoying a pint of locally brewed cask ale on one of our outdoor tables and watching the lock being raised or lowered!