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The Legendary Tyne Bar Beer Garden in full swing. Live music beneath the Glasshouse Bridge, Newcastle.Legendary Tyne Bar Beer Garden

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Lots of pubs have beer gardens but how many have beer gardens underneath road bridges?

And how many can you sit out in even when it’s pouring down – a monotonously regular occurrence in Newcastle?

And how many have customer-controlled heat lamps, music piped from a free juke box and atmospheric lighting?

The Tyne Bar's Legendary Beer Garden Under The Glasshouse BridgeWell, at The Tyne we have all that in our unique beer garden nestling under Glasshouse Bridge. As unlikely as it may seem, it’s a peaceful haven on a warm summer’s evening, where the music mixes with bright conversation and well chilled drinks.

Gigs In The Tyne Bar Beer Garden – a Unique Venue

Outdoor Heating in The Tyne Bar's Legendary Beer Garden Under The Glasshouse BridgeOn most Sundays, and other occasional weekdays, through the summer, the beer garden is the venue for Live Music at The Tyne. Our purpose built stage is the perfect place to showcase the impressive local (and international) talent that The Tyne Bar attracts. And the acoustics are simply amazing!

So convinced are we of the uniqueness of our special beer garden that we are offering a case of red wine to anybody who can find another bar or pub anywhere in the UK with a beer garden under a bridge. Happy hunting! If you think you’ve found one click here to email Fred at The Tyne.

Do you want to use our Beer Garden for your event?

Our unique Beer Garden makes an ideal place to host your event. From simple group meetings to exotic parties:

  • Group Meetings
  • Fashion Shows
  • Private Parties
  • Private Gigs
  • Art Shows
  • Business Launches
  • And more…

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